Need Trade Advice URGENT! ty <3


Kittles is on BYE next week . I need a TE for next week

I can get Graham or Doyle and John Brown for my Breida and baldwin

Is this a good trade? if so which TE?

OR should i chance it on waivers. Jared Cook, Ben Watson, Uzomah, Vance, are the most viable on the waiver

My RB : Fournette, Chubb, CMC, mcguire, and breida
my WR im deep lol

Vance or cook off waivers, i like brown/doyle for playoffs.

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sorry unclear on your post. Should I play the waivers or make the trade?

I’d absolutely make that trade given your roster. It’s a tough choice between the two TEs. I think I’d prefer Graham because we have a much bigger sample size on his success over the year, and his week 12 matchup is pretty decent against Minnesota. Doyle has a decent matchup though. Would he make the trade after Sunday? You could add Sunday to your sample size for Doyle if so and if he has another good week I’d heavily consider him

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Trades End tomorrow for me :confused:
Giving up Breida wouldnt be too much?

No I would play CMC, fournette, and chubb as flex ROS over breida. I would take the trade and I would lean doyle because luck loves him and his first week back he had 7 targets (great for TE’s).

anyother input?

Is baldwin worth anything in the trade?

What about the new QB and john brown connection?

Sounds like you are set at WR and your RB’s are def fine without Breida. No clue who your waiver options are but assuming they suck, you should absolutely do this. I’d go with Graham, but either is a good option

Oh sorry You listed the waiver options. They are good. I would prob do it for Graham anyway myself. But all those waiver options are at least roster-able as well if you are really holding out hope for Breida or Baldwin. I am not holding out much hope for Breida. Baldwin could be decent, but no better than John Brown I don’t think.

What do you think about the connection between Lamar and Brown going to be like?

None of the TEs listed in waivers or trades have a week 11 matchup that stands out as ideal. If you want to keep 2 TE’s then take the trade for Graham. I like the idea of shipping off Baldwin.
If you don’t want to keep a 2nd TE rest of season then take take your shot with Cook (vs ARZ wk 11) , Vance (vs JAX) or Watson (vs PHI)