Need Trade Advice... Urgent

Cooper Kupp and Michel


ODB Jr and Crowell

12 team Full PPR

My other wr’s Julio, Woods, J Kearse, Goodwin

Other RB’s Mixon, Ingram, Gore

He has a ton of wr’s and no RB’s… He has Thomas, ODB, Juju and Evans lol

His other RB’s are Cook, and Clement

i’d rather have cupp and michel i think


Yeah I’d rather have Kupp and Michel as well. Michel isn’t getting the respect he deserves right now.

I agree - Kupp and Michel are on high powered offenses that are going to always score points. Beckham and Crowell are on very volatile teams that I don’t want deal with.

I agree that Michel isn’t getting the love he deserves. He’s easily just outside the top 10.My fear is Kupp is out the next 2 weeks and I already had it in my plans to trade either Kupp or Woods before week 12 because I’ll have 2 of my best players on Bye the same week.

Michel is better at this point for this trade I’d also keep em

I’m not sure I can get him to do the same trade with Ingram instead of Michel… If I can, do you think that’s worth it?

What do you guys think about Ingram instead of Michel on the trade

I’d rather have Michel and Kupp