Need Trade Advice

I have an offer to trade Devonte Adams for DeAndre Hopkins. Deal or no Deal? My WR1 is Jordy Nelson and I have Fitz as well.

Thank you

I think if your getting hopkins its a good deal. Hes getting loaded with targets.:grinning:

I concur with this. Deandre Hopkins is a target monster! Can you guys give me some help on my trade in the “Am I Crazy (Dynasty)?” trade thread below?

That’s what I thought too! Just hard to give up a piece in that green bay offense lol

i dont like or trust hopkins i dont care how many targets hes getting his qb is mediocre and hes dropping alot of balls. just my .02

He only has 1 drop on the season?

Maybe he just isnt making catches or being over thrown. do not like him.