Need trade advice?

My buddy is offering me Hopkins and Bell for Barkley and Melvin Gordon

who else do you have at RB?

Royce Freeman
L. Murray

I would take that trade all day. Who else do you have at WR. Bell is going to be a work horse all year. And you have two other starting RB options with Howard and R. Freeman

Bell, Howard, and Dhop. Cant go wrong with that.

Corey Davis
DJ Moore

Yeah you are about to make a god squad if you take this trade. Bell, Howard, Dhop, Diggs, Cooper or Landry. I love this trade.

What is making you not want to take the trade?

Just about the whole Bell situation with the Steelers.

I get that worry, This is the cheapest you will get him all year though.

He will do Hopkins for Gordon but backed out of the Bell for Barkley. For now

Still a good trade?

I think its still a good trade on your side. You will still have Barkley, Howard and Freeman at the RB spot. You are strengthening your WR position if you make the trade.

Perfect thanks!!

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It seems pretty even, just depends who you like better, they should all be in the top 10 of their positions.

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It is close but I would take Gordon in the trade. Not that it is a bad trade but I like Gordon better.