Need trade advise

I NEED a WR to strengthen my playoff schedule and I’m heavy at RB. Currently I’m looking to trade a combination of Cousins, D. Jackson, Doctson, D. Westbrook, Woodhead, Burkhead, & Mack. I’m willing to over pay but don’t want to get robbed. Currently talking to owner of M. Lee & A. Jeffries whom needs to strengthen his RB & WR situation. What do you think would be beneficial for both teams.

12 team standard (not a 2 QB league)

My Team
QB: Wentz, Cousins
WR: Crab, Parker, D. Jackson, Doctson, D. Westbrook
RB: Fournette, C. Thompson, Woodhead, Burkhead, Ivory, M. Mack
TE: Z. Ertz

His team
QB: Big Ben, Bortles, Luck
WR: A. Jeffries, Sanu, S. Watkins, M. Lee, Stills
RB: A. Peterson, L. McCoy, Crow, T. Cohen
TE: Reed & Hooper

you could do cousins and d jax and woodhead/mack for jeffries and lee. Woodhead might not even come back/come back healthy. if his hamstring was a grade 3 tear he might still need another month+ to get healthy… also if it is a standard league i would try and trade chris thompson. most of his points came on little touches and long TD plays.

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Great advise. Thank you!

Hope you traded thompson, cousins biggest play guy/ safety blanket is now gone, however it looks like woodhead was activated, we will see how much he is used.