Need trade help about Gronk

Lost Aaron Rodgers, been offered Cam for Gronk. Thoughts? I can stream TE

I don’t think I would do that. What type of league are you in, how many. I’m sure you can get just as much value streaming the QB position. Gronk is far too valuable, and you can a replacement for free.

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No way, you can get more. I got offered the same trade a couple weeks ago, I asked for Cam and Benjamin together (he had both) or no deal. Keep Gronk. I have him too, been getting trade offers like crazy all year, but you won’t find a replacement. Stream QB’s, who is available?

Goeff, siemian, cutler, brisket of Huntley

12 team 1/2 ppr, slim pickings out there

Goff is a good pickup, better match ups ahead for him.

Thanks! I’ll go for him off waivers. Needed to be talked off the ledge, still won last week with Rodgers gone. That must have been my answer, if I can win without him I need Gronk

Do you have a backup QB right now? I had to stream QBs earlier this year and it’s a bit risky, but can work out pretty well.

No back up, made a huge mistake and dropped Watson week 1…oh well