Need trade help! Damien williams for Coleman

I have been offered Damien Williams for tevin Coleman. Its a half ppr league. My rbs are kamara, cook, Jacobs, Coleman, and singletary. Should I do it?

Nope I’d rather have Coleman.

Thats really tricky to me. Start of the year id say williams 100% in the KC offense but with the lack of touches and McCoy and Darrel showing up lately i think id agree with Sdatkins above and stay with coleman

I own Williams and I’d rather have Coleman

I have both, and I’d rather have Coleman ROS unless Chiefs figure out their running back situation. Running backs are all about volume, and 1 running carry last week is not enough.

Coleman is trending to be lead back. DWill is in a committee.

Coleman shares carries with Breida only. Williams was the starter, but he has to share the backfield with Darrel and Lesean now.