Need Trade help please!

.5 ppr dynasty, was offered Miles Sanders for the 1.01 + Devante Parker. What would you do?

Is this a 2020 1.01 rookie pick? Devy league?

I’m ssuming it’s not devy…in that case… Hells no!!

1.01 > Miles Sanders

Depending on your feelings about Parker or Sanders, I would send back an offer of Parker+2.01 for Sanders. Not that I expect them to accept. But their offer grossly over values Sanders and this is the most efficient way of showing them how you (I) feel.


Thank you for the reply @fun4willis! It is the 2020 1.01, we still have to determine the draft order, but this pick is at worst the 1.02, still grabbing either CEH or JT with it. No devy league.

I was thinking it might be an even deal for the 1.01 for sanders, but I feel like it’s the same risk of time share for all 3 of those backs and you lose two years of age with sanders, but he’s also the only one who has proven it in the nfl, so it’s a toss up for me. Bahahah that’s a great idea, I do have 6 first round picks in this draft, 1.01, 4, 5, 8, 9, and 10. Do you think a one for one trade for one of those (or adding parker in) for sanders is a fair trade?

If Sanders is your guy, go get him.

I would trade the 1.05 straight for Sanders without much consideration. Might let go of the 1.04 but a little harder. Do not think you need to add Parker. 1.09/1.10 and Parker would also be an easy sell.

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I’ll try and send him some offers back, thank you for the help @fun4willis!