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Need trade help quick! Help please!


I’m 1-4 in a PPR league and need a RB. I picked up McKinnon off of waivers but would still like to bring in another for added depth. Here’s what I’m looking at:

  • Ingram for K. Allen
    • Was offered this already. I like the consistency of Ingram but the flashes of Kamara excites me more.
  • Kamara for K. Allen
    • Made this offer to the owner and they like it but are hesitant. Think I should stick with this offer or throw in a low end RB like RIddick, Lynch, or McKissic to help?
  • Buck Allen for D. Thomas
    • Wasn’t an offer but the owner mentioned it to me that they’d consider this
  • Coleman for K. Allen
    • Talked to this owner and it seems like I could make this happen.

Lots of options here but which one would yall push for?? Here’s the rest of my team:


I wouldn’t trade Allen for any of those offers.


@Romark87 What about Thomas for Buck Allen?


Don’t think I’d do that either. You have the ability to start 5 WRs and you’ve got 5 good ones.


Yah I probably wouldn’t do any of those either, especially not the Keenan Allen ones. I might do D Thomas for Ingram? You’ve got a really strong WR core, you should be able to get a quality back in return, keep shopping.


I would stick with what you have, you can get a lot more in return for Keenan Allen.


Alright, yall have talked me off the ledge. I’m going to stay put for now. See how my team performs this week and then maybe explore better trade offers