Need Trade Help Quick Please!

I was offered Joe Mixon and a 2nd rd draft pick for Mike Evans in Dynasty. Do I take this? It would leave me somewhat thin at WR but I’m not a contender this year either. It’s standard scoring with 3WR in lineup. Still 2 RB and 1 Flex.

RBs: CEH, Bell, Henderson, Akers, Gibson, Hasty, Pollard

WRs: Evans, Chark, Harry, M Williams, Cooks, Green, Gordon, and DPJ.

I’m no expert, so take this how you’d like. Before looking at your roster, I like the deal. I’m generally down on Evans because he’s been very inconsistent. However, he’s the anchor for your wrs, and you would be left with guys who are just as boon bust, but who don’t have the ceiling Evans does. I think there could be good value in the 2nd round (especially early), but it would be tough to find someone to replace the production you’ll lose moving Evans. If you are shopping Evans, I’d be looking to get some wr consistency. And chances are, if Mixon has a mediocre ROS, the owner will still be open to trading him in the off season.

I agree and that’s how I was looking at it. I’m decent at RB but thin at WR. I ended up taking the trade though because I have 2 1st rd picks and now 3 2nd rd picks. I’m probably going to target Ja’Marr Chase in the first round to help shore up my WRs over the years along with a couple in my second rd picks as well.