Need Trade Help! (Zeke)

The guy is 3-4 only has Zeke, D. Lewis, Powell (Hurt) as his rbs zeke and lewis on bye what would you offer for Zeke?
RBs Alex Collins, M. Mack, N. Chubb, K. Drake
WR Diggs and Jefferey
What would you offer?
I also have Kamara and D. Adams but they are off limits

They are on bye next week

See if you can sell high on Drake and ditch Alex Collins too. Even throwing in one more guy like Mack would be worth it for you. And even to him, too, I’d say.

What about Diggs and Chubb?

ThTs still worth it for you, I just prefer not losingDiggs orChubb if possible. Is it 2 or 3 WR?

I am assuming Zeke is his best player and I dont know his full roster. I dont know this guy, but if I got an offer of Collins and Drake for Zeke; i would either auto rejected it or ignore it. Its known that Drake and Collins has been a disappointment. I would send an offer of Collins and Drake and see what happens. If he doesnt respond then do something like Diggs and Collins. You might have to add a good piece to make him think.

Hmm would Diggs, Collins, Drake for Zeke, Burton be good?