Need Trade help!

Someone dropped Kirk Cousins in my league so i picked him up and now my QBs are Cousins, Dak and im patiently waiting for Luck to come back… Im kind of soft at WR so i was wondering what WR would be a good trade target for one of these QBs i own… thanks guys

It’s hard to tell from the outside because you’re only going to be restricted to teams that don’t have a stud QB and the ones who don’t mind streaming aren’t gong to be interested. You could maybe trade one of these for a mid tier WR or put a package together w/a QB & upper tier WR for a top tier WR if your league happens to have an owner looking for a QB.

I think it partially depends on how much faith you have in Luck/Cousins. If you feel comfortable moving on from Dak and keeping those two, then I think Dak probably has the most trade value. If you are partial to keeping Dak I am not sure what kind of WR help you could get from either of the two other guys.