Need trade help 😨

Being offered Kareem Hunt and Keelan Cole for my dion lewis and larry Fitzgerald

ppr league

I am wanting a better RB but idk about this one. Cole would go on my bench and corey Davis to the flex is what I’m thinking if i did the trade. But really hesitant about this trade.

What say you footclan??

Here’s my team

Qb Russel wilson
Wr Odell Beckham Jr
Wr Keenan allen
Rb Dion Lewis
Rb Rex Burkhead
Te Jack doyle
Wr/rb/te larry Fitzgerald
K justin tucker
Def Baltimore

Corey davis
Chris Carson
Bilal powell
Danny amendola
Tyler lockett
Chris ivory

I’m taking this trade and it’s not really that close for me tbh.

Your RB situation is very dire.

I think if it was standard i wouldn’t hesitate at all. But it being ppr i don’t think I’m really gaining anything. And my flex is gonna get weaker and idk if my rb is getting all that better. Would you disagree with that? If so please explain why. Thank you!

Any other inputs?

I completely disagree. Hunt has shown he is superb in both the run and pass game. He was the 10th highest scoring player in fantasy in PPR scoring, that includes QBs.

How is your RB not getting better? Right now your RB1 is Dion lewis, who at best, will be in a 50/50 time share and Rex Burkhead who may be the second best back on that roster.

Hunt is going to see 70-80% of the workload in an Andy reid led offense. Reid has proven year after year that his RB1 is one of the most valuable and productive assets to own in fantasy. Hell, he even made something out of spencer ware who is nominal talent at best and doesn’t hold a candle to Hunt.

The upgrade hunt would make to your roster is massive and far exceeds the potential downgrade you take from Larry to Corey Davis. And Corey davis is actually a breakout candidate for me as well.

If you don’t think Hunt improves your RB situation, then I don’t even know what to tell you.

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Hit accept. That’s insanely in your favor. Davis will fit fine in your flex, and there’s also a chance Cole becomes a top-15 WR with the injury to Lee now out.

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What I’m saying is in ppr idk if hunt is that much more than dion lewis. Definitely gonna get more points but idk how much when you take account for what I’m losing with Fitzgerald. Thats what I meant.

I don’t know what to tell you if you think Lewis is going to come remotely close to hunt in production this year lol. And i just said the gap between Hunt and Lewis > the gap between Fitz and davis. That means your starting roster is improved. If you don’t want to make that move, than I can’t help you man.

I would’ve taken this trade the second I received it and hope the owner doesn’t realize how bad of a trade this is. It isn’t even remotely close. Doesn’t matter if its PPR, half ppr, or standard.

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Alright ty