Need trade validation

The trade on the table is (my) Michael Thomas/Brandin Cooks for Boyd/Lindsay/Chris Thompson…
1/2 PPR, I’m 4-4 and I’m need of a RB. I have…
WR: Antonio Brown, Michael Thomas, Brandon Cooks and Geronimo Allison.
RB: Joe Mixon, Aaron Jones, Royce, Ito and Mike Davis.

absolutely not bro! just because Mixon is on a bye this week does not justify trading away your studs for more RB depth.

If anything, try and do something like a Cooks for lindsey straight up ( if your that desperate )

OR, since you have AB, see if you could turn JUST MT for Boyd and Lindsey.

Then you can start Brown and either Boyd or Cooks based on matchups at WR, and then Jones+Lindsey this week for mixons bye and move forward with Mixon + jones/lindsey

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Do not do this trade, go to waivers pick up a RB and keep Cooks and Thomas. Start Thomas Brown, flex Cooks. Start Mixon and Aaron Jones. That is it.
This week just pick up the RB to fill in for Bye

Brandin Cooks, with an i.

I have mahomes and Fitz Magic. What about Thomas and Fitz for Boyd and Lindsay and I can just play off the waiver for mahomes bye?

Thats more reasonable I just have a hard time accepting lindsey and boyd for a player of michael thomas’s caliber. They produce but they are not in the same teir as thomas.

I agree but it seems that everyone else in my league under values Thomas with the RB situation in New Orleans

The RB’s work in there favor when they have easy to mediocre matchups.

The tough ones, like this week against the rams, is going to force Bree’s to get vertical.

Although, i bet MT gets shadowed by Peters all day which will result in a huge Smith game.

Either way, NO receivers vs this Rams team is going to be top knotch

What about a different owner who has Ingram. Is MT for Ingram fair?

MT for Ingram? Straight up?! Hell no!

MT is a WR1 caliber WR, albeit the low end (based on this years production)

I wouldn’t accept less than Mixon or CMC for any straight up trades for MT

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