Need two flex, should I go to waivers?

Hi - I need two flex in our full point PPR:

Roster options:
A Jones - how does Rogers hurt their offense?
ASJ - I’m not a fan of using TE in flex but…
John Brown - hit or miss
Pryor - just not good this year yet
Cobb - same as Jones

Looking at waviers, who is available:
Decker - guys are big on him with Marcus not 100%
Aghlor - torched WAS last game
Shepard or Amendola - ehh???

2-4 record, need to win is week. Thanks for the feedback!

I’d go ASJ For sure.

Then prob aghlor… Through He is better in standard than PPR I think.

Decker could be a very sneaky play this week. And Shepard and Evan should get all the work in NYG… Both are great PPR plays.

I’m sure this didn’t help alot but hopefully it got you away from some guys

Thanks for the feedback! ASJ is locked and loaded.

Still debating the final spot…

ASJ for sure. He is the Jets best receiver. Shepard is good but I don’t know if he is 100% healthy. Aghlor and J. Brown are both boom or bust guys. I do like the idea of Decker for volume, but I worry about last week being an anomaly and not a trend. Not much help here, but good luck.

Think I’ll roll the dice with Aghlor. Brown playing in London tipped the scale for me. Thanks of the feedback.

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