Need two of the following WR

Baldwin, DeVante Parker, Jaron Brown and Funchess. I already used Humphries thinking he could have a pretty good game but that didn’t happen so only have the flex spot and 1 WR spot left. Which of the two this week?

Baldwin and Parker

I was thinking the same and that’s what I have plugged in right now but just wanted to make sure. Thanks

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Ok. Duke Johnson or Andre Ellington?

If it’s PPR then Duke Johnson. I like both of them this week though

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Appreciate all the help man. Good luck

I would have to agree with JPlum_3. I would prob have to lean towards the DUKE. Both he and Ellington I think would be great plays, but if you feel the need to choose…I’d go with the DUKE!!!

AND…for what it’s worth…I had the same decision to make. Had to sit one. I DUKE.

*went with DUKE

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I’m from Cleveland. Unfortunately my browns are pitiful lol. Every time I go to use someone they fail me and when I don’t they prove me wrong.

But the DUKE has been ballin out for sure

LOL…I definitely feel your pain buddy. Always helps to ease the suffering knowing I’m not the ONLY one seeming to suffer from the ACUTE “play 'em-they choke, sit 'em-they take it by storm” SYNDROME!!!

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