Need WR Advice! Own Diggs, A. Robinson, Kirk. Time to hit the waivers?

Full PPR. Roster limit of 3 WRs. Start 2.

Available on waivers now: Shepard, McLaurin, Chark, Hardman, D Robinson, M Brown

I could sneak Golden Tate for $1 too.

I would swap all three and get McLaurin, Chark, and either Hardman or Robinson. I like Shepard too but it’s hard to know if Danny Dimes can maintain this kinda play against good teams like NE in two weeks or how Tate might effect Shepard’s targets. You could plan to get McLaurin, Chark, and Hardman and then drop Hardman when Hill returns and hopefully have more info on Tate or Shepard by then.

Still holding out hope for Diggs. I’ll def go for McLaurin.