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Need wr depth, do I trade?


12 team full ppt.
Qb Winston, simian
Rb Gordon, Murray, Coleman, Cohen, kamara
Wr k. Allen, m. Bryant, Wright, marshall
Te clay, Hooper
Just need a little more consistency at wr 2. Im 3-1 and I don’t know if my team can keep scraping out wins all season long.


Yes trade. However the trade might not come until next week. I would suggest trading Kamara or Coleman while they’re hot but they are on byes this week so they won’t be as appealing.


That was my thought. Lucky I can wait since my match up is in my favor this week. Would you consider bundling Marshall or Wright in with them? Cause I’d be trading with a team that’s even or better since the bottom half teams really don’t have any worth while wr’s


Actually one team that’s 0-4 has brown. And I had already dangled Murray and Bryant at him and he didn’t take.


I would look to the person that has either Freeman or Howard. Those guys would almost always want the handcuff to their lead back. Try going at one of them with a low-end receiver as well.