Need WR help! (1,2 & Flex)

I have
Josh Gordon
Tyler Boyd
Jarvis Landry
Marquise Goodwin
Calvin Ridley

Need to start 2 flex 1
Was thinking… Josh Gordon, Tyler Boyd & Flex Jarvis Landry??

That is also how I would slant.

I had dropped Goodwin awhile back out of necessity and hummed and hawed about picking him back up. I love him as a player but don’t have trust in him / Beathard yet so personally would sit for another go here.

Ridley I cashed in on the high value and traded away. Because of that I haven’t been following injury reports. What’s the situation with him/Sanu?

Ridley has the ceiling and has been more consistent. He’s in a better functioning offense at home. I like Landry but am $*****g bricks myself about him and the Browns offense…

Monitor for Ridley’s health, but I feel like if you need upside, that’s the play… Landry should have the safer floor, but IDK… It’s feeling more like thin ice versus a solid structure…

I know Ridley didint practice today so that causes some concern for me but Sanu I’m not sure about. If I see Ridley is playing I might start him over Landry because Landry has been letting me down lately and the giants defense is horrible and Atlanta has a decent offense.
On the other end of that Mayfield has a great next couple games due to bad defenses so I’d hope Jarvis and mayfield can get on the same page and possibly give Landry a good game.

Definitely concerned about the browns offense but I know they have some good matchups coming up like this week in Tampa. Bad defenses can be capitalized on if mayfield and Landry get on the same page.

Ridley didint practice today so I’m concerned but possibly a rest day? Not sure

Ridley had a fairly disappointing game against Tampa.

But ATL Vs NYG and CLE Vs TB are both juicy matchups.

So for more confidence maybe see who the cornerbacks each wideout will be lined up against.
IF Ridley suits up and is fine and Sanu does not suit up he skyrockets to a mustmust start.

I’d be teetering too, I just would feel more comfortable being on Landry’s side.

Foot in mouth moment: I forgot that Ridley put up 6 points and was out by the first half. He was en route to a great game against Tampa.

id go landry boyd and gordon