Need WR help ROS - trade ideas?

My Tyreek & Dak – His Rodgers, Keenan, and Alshon
My Tyreek & Dak – His Foles, Hopkins, Hollywood Brown
My Tyreek – His Lockett & Manny Sanders

I think the last one is the winner here.

I wouldn’t be actively trying to offload Hill with Mahomes due back, but if you’re intent on moving him I like the 2nd one. Not high on Dak down the stretch and it’s the only trade that you’re “getting better” 1 for 1, Hollywood is a bonus. Even without him, I’d rather Nuk over Lockett + Sanders

Thanks guys. Don’t necessarily love getting rid of Tyreek - he’s just one of my better trade pieces. Thoughts on Tyreek & Dak – Lamar Jackson, Golladay, Gallup?

i would do this last deal all day…however, they would have to overvalue Tyreek quite a bit to hit the accept on this.

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