Need WR Trade HELP!

10 man full PPR

RBs: Carson, Jacobs, CEH, Montgomery, Gibson
WRs: DJ Moore, Chark, Mclaurin, Green

My WRs and TE play have killed me. I can try to go get Cooper, Keenan, Hopkins or Kelce (all on the same team) for one of my backs. Do I want to give up CEH or Carson for one of them?? Need trade help.

I think carson will score more points if he doesn’t get injured but carries a much higher injury risk. So depends on your risks aversion. I think you could also do a Gibson + Moore package to upgrade at WR.

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Who would you try to target in that situation?

Golladay. If it has to be 1 of 3 you mentioned obviously you want hopkins but he will probably say no. Ill let someone else speak to cooper or Allen. I see the arguments for both but I personally, and I am in the minority, don’t like either. Cooper bothers me cause he gets injured and disappears. Allen bothers me cause he’s so slow haha

The only problem going after Golladay is this weeks bye if you need a win.

If you need a play this week I would target Cooper with Gibson straight up and if that’s not enough offer Moore & Gibson.

Now that Chark is back I think you’ve turned the corner.