Need WR2 and Flex help

0.5 PPR

I have to choose between the following for WR2 and Flex

Aaron Jones
Amari Cooper
Buck Allen
Keelan Cole
Mike Williams

RB1 and RB2 are Melvin Gordon and Marshawn Lynch

WR1 is Davante Adams assuming he plays

I have even toyed with double tight ends since I have Kelce and Jordan reed with all the banged up redskins WR.

Any help befor roster cut off time would be greatly appreciated.

I think I lean with Aaron Jones and Amari Cooper. Good Matchups

All your Recievers are kinda the same. They can have a nice day but also just disapear. So I would lean with cooper who is the #1 in that offense. And Aaron jones because the packers with most Recievers banged up I would think they lean on RBs and Jimmy this week. Just my thoughts