Need you guys' help to get to the playoffs. advices needed!

I need you guys’ help with picking two players to start out of these three.



I’m leaving towards burkhead and mckissic because perines ceiling has been soooooo low even when rob kelley didnt play.

I have davonte freeman whos most likely not playing and these are my other rbs that I picked up all this week… i am soooo thin please help!

Bonus question: Gresham or Clay at TE?

I agree with why you’d sit Perine but then again I think I’d might lean toward him over Mckissic. And for the TE I’d maybe lean on Clay just cuz the QB from the Bills having his first start might lean on his TE just cuz rookies tend to do that


But just watch out for Lacy if he sits I’d say start Mckissic

Burkhead and Perine for me. Perine will hopefully get any goal line work.


thanks for the feedback, gresham been eatin but gabbert at QB this week so who knows…

very true thank you

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I’m starting Perine in one league and goal line work is the only reason for the start. Good luck!

full point ppr i should mention

full point ppr btw sorry forgot to write that

I need help too lol don’t know who to start I can get Gresham, Bennett, Fiedorowicz (without Fuller), Julius Thomas or Lewis vs CLE???

Personally, I don’t want any part of a Seahawks RB. It’s either Russ scrambling or making incredible throws.

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Id go either gresham or thomas.

bennett hell no with gronk and d allen
fiedo no with trash savage throwing the ball
lewis is very td reliant, julius has been getting a good amount of looks recently.