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Need your help foot clan


So I had a great draft. I did not pick up a kicker or a defense and I need to drop two. 12 team league 1/2 PPR.
Starting lineup:luck, obj, j. Nelson, L.Miller, fournette, reed, Ty Hilton.
Bench: Stanford, D. Cook, M. Bryant, west, riddick, crowder, ginn, perine.

I’m going to drop perine but as of right now I can’t decide between Ginn or crowder. I have read that Ginn is the number two. Your thoughts? Thank you in advance


It depends. I believe you may get more volume with Crowder, but Ginn replacing Brandin Cooks in that deep threat role, though Ginn is not a slot receiver, I would go with Ginn for that upside.


Based on your wr corp I’d say keep Crowder, he would be more dependable on bye weeks. You never know what you’ll get on those couple weeks with Ginn


I would drop Perine and Ginn. Although Ginn is taking over Cooks spot as the deep threat in that high-powered offense, he is more of a wildcard from week to week. Brees/The Saints struggle on the road mightily compared to home games, and its Ginn’s first year in that offense.

Crowder is a very safe weekly fill in at flex, especially if he has a good matchup. I would keep him.


Thanks fellas


Keep Crowder, drop Ginn