Needing a WR this week

Half point ppr league. I had Sutton play last night.

Currently on my roster that are eligible to play this week are the following


On waivers there are a handful of guys to consider

St. Brown
Rondale Moore
Christian kirk

What are your thoughts? If I picked up a guy off waivers which of the two currently rostered would you drop?

Bumping up.

I like Kirk or Moore against a crappy houston. But I personally am taking a shot on Bateman this week with Watkins out again. Ruggs has also looked decent and maybe their new coach has the key to keep the raiders going. St Brown against the rams I wouldnt consider. Mooney could be the only successful option for the Bears receiving if A rob is out but also risky.
*As far as who to drop is a tough call, If Bal keeps developing the pass then Bateman is gonna be fantasy relevant possibly. Mooney has had some games to prove he is a valid option for Fields. Targets per game would probably lean to Mooney since Bal a couple receiving options at the moment.

  1. Kirk/ Moore 2. Bateman/Ruggs/ Mooney 3. St brown

Ultimately, team make up and league play a huge role in deciding these things. If you need boom then I would lean Moore; if you need steadier floor/points I would lean kirk. After those two I think Bateman.