Needing TE Help- Must win

Have Hooper and Fells. Standard scoring.

Below are available. Drop Fells for…

Rudolph vs Denver
Doyle vs Jags
T.J Hoek vs Dallas

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Bumping. Thanks

I think id lean towards Rudolph as it looks like Theilen is gonna sit again. Staffords out so TJ droppingstuff probably wont perform either Doyle is interesting if Brissett is back but id still lean Rudolph

He has the bye the following week so not sure which way to go.

Wish the news on Hooper was more clear.

sounds like hes out for a month pretty much so atleast the next 2 weeks for sure id say. Id try Rudolph and see whats available in the next week. if you listened to todays show they were really high on Kittles replacement whos probably available too

Will take a look thanks.

If you’re likely to make the playoffs I would probably stay with Fells. He has the best Week 15-16 schedule of the other options in my model. Doyle is OK this week and has a great Week 14 game with Tampa (you can effectively swap Doyle & Ebron in my model, target and other stats are very close). I know Rudolph has the big TD upside but I would personally avoid him, and Hockenson is no better than the others and has a backup QB this week.

Full TE model is below for reference and you can check out my QB and DST models as well in my weekly streaming post on the forums. The Week 11 post is here. Comments and feedback welcome.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

That is great info and appreciate it . Thanks

Just hate dropping a TE who has been really good this year.

If you have a second I have another post 45 minutes ago Gordon for Godwin and would love your feedback. Thanks again.

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