Needing Trade Help

Would you trade away Robert Woods to receive Edelman? It is a dynasty (keep 10) but I have a good shot at the title.

I’m off to a 3-0, but have a conflict-of-interest with Gurley also on my roster which is why I want to get rid of Woods. Edelman owner needs to start looking younger.

Any advice is much appreciated! Half PPR

Tough call. I believe in the talent of Woods and the offense of LAR, both of which have disappointed. Edelman will be a target hog ROS with no AB; but, he is already dinged up and has a bad injury history. Also, I always say play for this year rather than future; but, the age difference is substantial. I’d look to move Woods for someone else comparable to Edelman. But, if you absolutely need to make this deal to push for a championship, I think its fair enough value.

Thanks for the feedback! Is there a comparable WR you have in mind?

Boyd, Jeffery, and even Watkins come to mind. I think all 3 are downgrades from Edelman IF he stays healthy; but, all 3 are younger and could be more valuable for dynasty.

(I realize Watkins likely won’t be on the Chiefs next year but he should be signed as either the #1 or #2 somewhere)

Those are all fine ideas. Think I like Alshon the most, but his owner recently traded Woods away to me so I’m not sure he wants him back - I also have Miles Sanders so that’s another conflict of interest. May target Watkins but he’s a tough buy at the moment and is owned by my rival so it may be even more difficult haha.

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