Negotiating a trade

Negotiating a trade right now and the current offer is me sending Josh Jacobs and Devante Parker for Kenyan Drake and Deebo Samuel.

Part of me thinks it’s ok as I feel like once Kingsbury remembers to use Drake in the passing game he will start producing Jacobs hasn’t really been great either minus the first week of the season. The team now gets behind and forgets to use its best weapon.

I also do feel like now would be a sell high on Parker for Deebo who looked great last night and will get more work every week…

let me know your thoughts.

I would accept that immediately. Jacobs is a better play than Drake and who knows what deebo is going to be when he is back considering all the other injuries they have.

Offer has been changed.

I acquire
Kenyan Drake
Julian Edelman

He acquires
Josh Jacobs
DJ Moore

My team in the pictures above.

I wouldn’t do it. I feel like Jacobs is a focal point of the O in Vegas now and we’re still unsure about what’s going on with the Cardinals. Even though Moore is struggling Edlman not much of an upgrade to hurt your depth at RB.