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Nelson, Evans, or Green


My league is disgustingly high on RB’s and low on WRs… drafting at the end of the first I’ll have a shot at grabbing 2 of these guys… if you could have 2 of the 3 on your team who are you taking? HALF PPR.


i would go, Nelson and Green


I like Evans and Green. Evans is a red zone target monster. Honestly though you can’t go wrong with any two of these three.


Like others have said it’s really too close so there’s no wrong answer. But for my money, it’s Green and Evans.


A.J. Green and Mike Evans.

Jordy is good but he’s into his 30s now and I think more players will be utilized in the Packer offense this season. I think Montgomery will have a fuller, more robust role as a runner and passer, and I also think Randall Cobb has somewhat of a bounce back year. Davante Adams is still around, and Martellus Bennett will be some kind of factor above what they’ve been getting from Richard Rodgers.


Honestly I don’t think you will lose with any. Jordy has the most injury risk so Green and Evans.


Green and Nelson.

First, I think the Q is really Green and one of Nelson/Evans. Big fan of AJ this year, I think the Bengals have a good O and when he’s healthy, he’s consistent.

Nelson over Evans is close, and I think lends more to my belief that Evans success is less sustainable. He’s mostly getting deep balls st 20+ yards, and they’ve brought in DJax, who is very much known for that. Nelson on the other hand is ARod’s clear red zone guy, and I think is relied upon more all around than Adams or Montgomery or Bennett will be.


Mike Evans Reception Breakdown:


How does that compare to Nelson and Green? Just curious if you have the info.


Sorry didn’t Delete Evans’ name and replace with Green. Those are AJ’s numbers.


Thanks! Pretty interesting actually. So Evans still relies on the 11-20 more than those too, so my opinion still stands. I’d just prefer receivers who get lots of those 0-10 balls, especially in PPR.


Yeah, of the three, Jordy has more short balls, Green is more evenly distributed, and Evans has intermediate. I will add though, that Green’s numbers aren’t as accurate because he can catch and run. My numbers don’t capture yards after the catch. Who knows if Evans won’t run more routes 0-10, he was running deeper last season out of necessity.

Please also consider, that in .5 PPR more 0-10 balls will be caught by Nelson, but the balls caught in the 10-20 are twice as valuable.


Jordy and AJ.

I look to the QBs. I think Rodgers and Dalton are better than Winston. If you get to choose from those guys congrats! Really splitting hairs.