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Nelson for Devante Adams and Kamara


I’d be getting Adams and Kamara.

Just got this trade counter offered to me. I originally offered Reed for Kamara straight up. Am I crazy for not wanting to do this?

Thoughts on what I could respond with if this isn’t a good offer? I’m desperate for an RB2.


No, you’re not crazy. 2 for 1 typically (but not always) benefit the person getting the best player more. You are loaded at WR though. Maybe shop on of your stud WRs for a higher end RB?


I definitely would not do that. Keep Nelson. You have so much WR depth that could get you a very suitable RB2 without losing Jordy. Keenan, TY, D Thomas, Hilton or Diggs can get you a RB2 and one who is better than Kamara.


That’s what I’ve been trying but no one is taking the bait. I tried selling jordy and Lynch for Lev bell last week but no dice. Yesterday my offer for diggs + Lynch for Hunt got rejected. Any more thoughts for potential targets?

Is gurly too hot to touch right now?


Lev Bell and Hunt are two of the top 3 backs in the league, you’re not going to be able to get them most likely, and the owners would have been off their rocker to trade them to you for what you offered. Go after Gordon, Fournette or that level RB for one of those WRs.