Nelson for Lynch trade

Much like many others I have had Nelson rest the pine for a few weeks.

10 team standard scoring re-draft

Rbs: Murray, Hunt, Woodhead, Mack
WRs: Jeffery, Woods, Sanders, Nelson, Ginn

Been offered Marshawn Lynch for Nelson.

Is it as simply as just saying yes before he changes his mind?

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Yes. Lynch coming off his best game so far, might as well see how it goes.

At this point I would trade Nelson for John Lynch if I could.

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I guess my only concern with doing this trade is most weeks I will be playing Murray and Hunt with Woodhead maybe locked in at the flex, So Lynch may start this week if Woodhead doesn’t play but going forward he may not get that much looks in the starting line up.

Though I guess he is obviously betting then having Mack and Nelson would be last in the WR pecking order.

Maybe I am just overthinking this lol

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I overthink that you are overthinking this. Let my overexplain my overthinking that you are overthiking this.

lol Look at it this way, you are trading flex spot options just in case Woodhead gets injured. Again. Jordy is injury prone himself and most trade deadlines are coming up.

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