Nerd a TE this week

Fells, Doyle, Rudolph

This weekend and ROS

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My model has Fells projected as the TE13 rest-of-season. Ebron is projected to be TE14, and Doyle models out almost exactly the same since they have very similar target numbers. Rudolph projects to be the TE28.

Of those options I go with Fells because of the playoff schedule. He is projected to be the TE6 Weeks 15 & 16. Indy’s schedule is much harder those weeks. However, I would ideally stash Doyle for Week 14 when Indy plays Tampa. Doyle should be a top-10 play that week. But pivot back to Fells if you’re still in it for Weeks 15 & 16.

My full TE model with RoS rankings and weekly scoring projections is below for reference. You can check out all my projection models (QB, TE, DST) in my Week 11 streaming post here. I do a new post each Tuesday. Comments and feedback welcome. Good luck!

Great info. Thank you.

Thoughts on Goedert just for this week over any of those guys.

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Goedert is kind of like Doyle is to Ebron, but he’s getting far fewer targets. He is averaging 43% of the targets that Ertz gets. There is a narrative this week that he eats while NE “takes away” Ertz. There is some logic to that, and there is upside if Ertz gets hurt. So it’s riskier but has some upside and is certainly a viable play. I’ considering it myself over Ebron right now.

If your focus is just getting points this week, I would defer to The Baller’s rankings. They put a lot of intelligence in their algorithms and I trust them for weekly start/sit decisions. They currently have Goedert ranked as the TE16, Ebron as the TE9, and Fells as the TE20. So for this week only, I’d go Ebron. For this week and rest-of-season I’d take Fells. And for a chance at big upside, and maybe an OK week this week, I’d go Goedert. Make sense? Hopefully that didn’t make things worse. :rofl:

Makes sense. Thanks

Ebron is not available so maybe you mean Doyle.

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Yes, I mean Doyle, who projects very similarly.

Great. Thanks

Worse part is I have Hooper and want to hold.

Have to drop one of Lat Murray or R Freeman to grab TE.

Any advice :slight_smile:

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Sorry if you went with Doyle and got blanked. :slightly_frowning_face: If it’s a consolation I played Ebron and only got 4.7. TE is brutal.

As a Denver fan I’m biased (in a bad way). I believe in Freeman’s talent, but don’t have any confidence in the offense or coaching. So I’d drop Freeman. But I’m not a good objective resource on him. :rofl:

Thanks man. I ended up dropping Freeman and took a chance and went with Rudolph and got lucky.

Will probably grab someone like Holister next week.

Keep up the great work.

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Nice! Congrats. Yes definitely grab Hollister if you can!

Thanks again.

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