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Full PPR

Chase Edmonds vs Dallas

Jefferson vs Atlanta

D.J Chark vs Detroit - sounds like he might play.

That’s difficult.

Edmonds feels like chasing points when you look at his workload… but he seems to get those points more often than not even if you want to call his TDs flukey. The upside is that Dallas puts up a ton of points and the cards need more passing downs. The downside would be that Dalton is sub-par and Drake gets it going on the ground. The floor could potentially bottom out without a “flukey” TD from edmonds.

I like Jefferson a lot. With Julio playing, I’d expect ATL to put up bunches of points against this trash secondary, leaving the vikings to need to pass more than last week to keep up. The risk is that he’s obviously a low volume player which leaves a lower floor… but I think he also has the highest ceiling of these guys

I’m not super excited for Chark. Assuming he plays, I’d worry about him actually being limited on the field, even in a decent matchup… That being said, if he and gardner are both healthy, he has both floor and upside… If he were 100% all week, he would definitely be my pick… I just worry about him being a limited decoy.

Overall, it’s close, but I think I lean Jefferson. The boom potential is there and I’m not totally scared off of the bad game last week.

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With full PPR, it’s Jefferson for me.

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Jefferson. Edmonds is getting too much hype till he takes more snaps. Chark too banged up to trust right now

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For the record Edmonds will be the RB1 for this team. Whether it happens this week, the next, or the next. But there is no process that I can apply to arrive at this outcome outside of Edmonds remaining the Cards most impressive player at the RB position.

Despite this belief, I cannot in good conscious recommend Edmonds as a week 6 play.

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Thanks everyone. Appreciate it.