Nerfing Kickers

My league doesn’t want to drop the position entirely, so I want to nerf the kicker position. I am considering making all made FGs worth 3 points (no bonus for longer distance), PATs made worth 1 point, missed FGs worth -3 points, and missed PATs worth -1 point. Is the -3 for missed FG too harsh? Standard setting for missed FG is -1. Thoughts?

the -3 is too harsh, I would have any type of miss -1and keep the other scoring the same that you mentioned.

Cool, thanks for the reply

Agree with Jarek if you are looking to nerf.

Can it completely! Kickers are, more than any other position, dependent on situation and can win/lose weekly matchups (doesn’t it suck to lose because someone’s kicker bombed a 50 yard FG on MNF?) Both my leagues have ditched the Kicker position and used that slot to start 2 D/STs. Makes a world of difference, and with all those D/STs being rostered it makes it more of a challenge, in a good way, to stream that position.

Part of the nerfing kickers discussion is making sure they don’t hurt you either. -3 for a missed kick is reaaallly rough. I’d suggest 3 points for all FGs, and -1 for any miss under 50 yards and for any missed PATs.