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Nervous about this 3 for 3 trade



In a 12 team keeper league, standard scoring. Which side of the trade do you like more?

-Jay Ajayi
-Keenan Allen
-Ameer Abdullah


-Melvin Gordon
-Davante Adams
-Will Fuller

I’m trying to convince my buddy to take a certain side, but he needs a non bias opinion. Thoughts?


I like the Melvin Gordon side. Ajayi is a risk factor for injuries for me. Allen and Adams, I lean slightly towards Allen but I am not 100% about that one, ameer and fuller honestly depend on what your teams need more a WR or RB both are basically the same person and play the same role but with fuller having a bigger upside.


I like the Ajayi Allen Abdula side for sure. Allen is better PPR but two starting RBs and him…yup sign me up


I like the the Ajayi side but seems pretty even trade