Never give up. Championship Won

I didn’t draft the best team. It was a good team. I barely made the playoffs in a very competitive league. As the 6th seed with a losing record (6-7). Things didn’t break my way throughout the season, but I always tried my best.

Enter week 14. I was projected as favorite, but knowing anything could happen I did my homework. The results. 146.36 - 126 I won.

Enter week 15. Losing Calvin Ridley for the season. A good player on a team that couldn’t afford to lose good players. Week 15 was a match up I was suppose to lose. He had the better team. Supposedly unbeatable. I could never win. I had no choice, but to start the highest upside players. The results.

Enter Championship. I got this far. I lost a major player in Chris Godwin once again in the playoffs. Again I was projected to lose at first. Derrick Henry was projected to suddenly be out. This one confused me as he should have started another rb on waiver though I had checked and no one was available to make a difference. The results with Daniel Jones on my bench (I wanted to start him over Fitzpatrick, but I felt it too risky). 128 - 92. I win with a kicker still to start in my line up.

Never give up. The combination of great waiver pick ups, some luck, and preparation before the playoffs can pay off.


Congrats! I had a similar situation in the semis – opponent had, among others, Mahomes, Kelce, CMC, Kupp and Fournette. STACKED. Lost to the guy during the season, thought I was done for. And his team did well, while I lost my best player, Cook, mid-game. But the luck was with me and several of my supporting cast finally went nuclear all at once, including Julio, McLaurin and Miles Sanders. Timing worked out great and I got my first title tonight! Enjoy basking in the victory.

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Wow- Giant Killer!

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