Never look back at your draft

So as the commissioner of my league, I like to give awards at the end of the week. I give the league the top 3 performers of each position. I was working on the best rb and Alvin Kamara was it in our league. Curiosity got the best of me and I wanted to know how the player came about picking him up. I click on Alvin’s history and would you look at that I drafted him in the 14th round, then dropped him because Phillip Dorsett got traded to the patriots and I wanted in on the Tom Brady action. I’m the 5th seed in my league and hanging on by a thread for a playoff spot. I wouldn’t be in this position had I walked away from my computer. This hurts man, hurts real bad.


that was me with ajayi last year. guy who ended up beating me in the championship played him against me and was the sole reason i lost

I feel you, traded Kamara and Thielen for nothing basically

I drafted Kamara in the 13th round and never let him go, one of my best drafts yet. My starting lineup still is mainly all guys I’ve drafted, team is 8-4 in second place and top scorer in league - which is very rare for me. That said, I’ve made these moves in the past and I can definitely feel your pain on this one.

I don’t mind looking back at my draft. Sitting 10-2 and overall #1 seed for the playoffs. I drafted Gurley in the 2nd, Ertz in the 7th, and Kamara in the 15th. If Carson Palmer wouldn’t of broke his arm against the Rams I would be 11-1. I only lost by 5 points that week with Palmer putting up 3 points.