Never sit your studs right?

In championship game this week 1pt ppr. Here is my roster.
QB: Bortles-Starting him over Rivers
RB: Gurley and Ingram-No brainer there
WR: Julio/Woods/Diggs - Have Wallace, Dede and Stills on bench
TE: Jesse James - Have Clay on bench
k: Elliot
Def: Bears

Julio has been such a disappointment and last time vs NO didn’t do anything. Wallace has been hot lately with Baltimore but not sure what the flow of that game will be sicne Baltimore could just run Collins all day vs IND.
I can’t bench Julio right? I feel like Wallace has the better floor while Julio has the bigger ceiling.

Thanks Clan!

I just couldn’t bench Julio for Wallace. Yea he is going against Lattimore, but Julio is also a top 5 talent WR wise in the NFL