Starting a 10 team dynasty league. Details are as follows:

Half PPR
QB/2RB/3WR/TE/2flex (wr/rb/te), no DST, no kickers
24 Roster spots total
5 round rookie draft each year
League will be on MFL.
FAAB system.
We will use Slack for all communications.

The most important thing is that I want to have a league that has 10, very active, very communicative owners. Looking for owners who are very active with trades, trade discussion, and very responsive to the group chat on Slack. Responding and sending trade offers often is very important in dynasty, so I want to avoid players that will ‘ghost’ after the draft. Be okay with some trash talk as well!

The draft will TECHNICALLY be a “slow” draft, but with that being said I am hoping to have players who can move the draft along quickly, and communicate well if there is going to be any sort of hold up (obviously we all have jobs, but if you can’t pick at all from 9-5pm or have crazy timezone issues, please don’t join up). If you have a job that includes being on a computer most of the day, that’s a bonus. Camp has started so I don’t want to have long delays (1 hour+ is considered a long delay). Owners will gain an advantage if they wait a long time and news breaks at camp that changes the draft, so this should take a total of 3-4 days max.


Draft pick trading will be encouraged.

Please only send me a message if you are very open to this, and understand that owners that ghost or bail on the league somehow will be removed without the full dues sent back, this will be a whole league discussion. This league will be one that will remain in tact for years, without the annual turnover a lot of dynasty leagues have. Hoping to end up with a league full of friends, even if it’s only through football! This will be one of those “you guys take this way too seriously” kinda leagues. I’ll be a little picky on who we let in so please don’t just say “in” just to try and be in as many leagues as possible.

Buy in at the beginning will be $120, it will cover $70 standard buy in, $25 down towards next year, and $25 towards a trophy and league fees (to pay for MFL). Every year after the first one will be $70.

Please send me a MESSAGE on here with your email and a little bit about yourself and why we should pick you! The league uses Slack ALL THE TIME, so make sure you’re open to being around and available. I want borderline obsessive fantasy players, makes it way more fun. I have a couple leagues running on here already and it has worked flawlessly.

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I’d love to join. You mentioned you’re looking for borderline obsessive fantasy players- well I may even be a bit past the line. I’m a very active player, check my leagues every day, year round. Also - I work from home as a software consultant so I am on my computer in my basement 8-10 hours/day with nobody to answer to about my time but myself.

If you’re willing to allow me into your league - email me at

Exactly the kinda thing I like to hear man! I just added you to the email list, once it’s at 10 i’ll send out an initial message. Consider yourself booked

Only one spot left here!

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I really hope you still have this one spot left! I’m a dedicated fantasy footballer and I am available during the day for our slow draft. I finally became a patriotic member last night after I saw this post. I was finally able to reply this morning.

Love this league format and would love to be a part of it for many years. Sounds like you’re as crazy as I am about this stuff!

You can email me at