(NEW) 10-man PPR ESPN $40 buy-in( 5 spots left)

Whats up Footclan! I just created an ESPN 10 team PPR snake draft and am looking for people to join. Its a $40 buy-in( Leaguesafe) winner takes all! Ive modified scoring and roster to match Draftkings settings. No kicker, 3WR. If your interested shoot me an email (victorgnzls@gmail.com)

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I’m intersted

I am interested… sent you an email!

Very interested, but I likely speak for a few other people when I ask if we can confirm the league is set up and ready to go before we send dues…?

I can send you an invite. I just perfer people pay before just in case they fill a spot and delay making a payment

I’m in, I’ll pay the second the league fills. rmwilson131@gmail.com

I would like to join the league but I do not want to put $$$ into a acct that I may not use if there is no spot.

I have a spot shoot me your email. The payment deadline for Leaguesafe has been set for the 4th week of the season.

I will be joining at some point today also. So should I just join with the link to the league on ESPN that you sent me yesterday, and wait on paying the fee? I have no problem paying the right now, as long as it would be refunded if we don’t get all of the spots in the league filled, as you said LeagueSafe does… :slight_smile:

You can do that. The deadline for payments is 9/27/2018 so its plenty of time to get the money in. Still looking for more people to join👍

Interested if you still have room