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New 12 Man Yahoo Keeper League $65 Buy In (Full)


Bonjour Fantasy Footballer Fans. We are starting a Yahoo, 12 man, 2 Keeper 1/2 point per reception League.
Our league, Wheel of Water, will feature
1 QB
2 RB
2 WR
1 TE
1 Super Flex
1 IR

Draft will be conducted Tuesday, August 22nd at 530 PM Pacific Standard Time. Payment is due August 21st.

Buy in will be through Yahoo and is $65.
Payouts will be:
1st- $300
2nd- $200
3rd- $100
Most Points- $80
Best Record- $100

Pickups are FAAB Based.
League features QB 1/2 point completion, as well as, -.5 point for incompletion.
Bonus points for Passing, Rushing and Receiving!

Please inquire below. We are looking for dedicated, active players, who will be interested in fun for years to come.


Hell yeah man this is exactly the kind of league I’ve been looking to get in? How many openings left? Have you established the rules for the keepers?..


Awesome! Send me your email and I can give you the link to join the league. We are getting there but still have a few openings. Yes the keeper rules are written and will be given out prior to draft. Looking to have some fun this year.


Sounds good man! Love the competitive pricing too, tired of these $10 And $20 buy ins. Email is jrkc1416@gmail.com… the names Justin and that’s how id like it spelled on the trophy as well!


Haha. Ok well we are still working on the trophy, but just so you know, the trophy only goes to the first place winner. Anyway, goodluck, invite has been sent.



Count me in...wjoyn001@gmail.com


Awesome! Glad to have you. Invite sent.


Would be stoked to Join the league. Joshed1010@yahoo.com


For sure! I’ll send the invite now. Glad to have you.


Sounds Competitive and fun , I am in if there is room. ajasleson@comcast.net


Certainly. Glad to have you. I will send the invite.


I’m interested.



Absolutely! I’ll send it right out.


Is there still room in this league? Id like to get in.


Yes there is. Send me your email and I’ll send an invite!