New 12-team 0.5 ppr league

Me and a friend have started a 12-team 0.5 PPR LEAGUE. :smiley:

Standard ESPN settings.
FAAB 100$

We hope to fill 10 more spots.
You are all very welcome to join. :smile:

Link to the league:

Leave your emails if interested. :smiley:


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In urgent need of 1-3 owners for my league. 0.5 point ppr.
Draft at 1pm est.
Leave email and youโ€™ll get an invite :smile:
Link to league:


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Hey Guys!

count me in if possible! :slight_smile:

Iโ€™m from Europe, so there is that, but itโ€™s not a problem for me, and the draft time would actually be perfect.

Daniel if theres any spots open still.

im in

also my mate. Heโ€™s in meetings all day but wants in badly.

Iโ€™m interested Depends when the draft is.

Im in pending the draft time.