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New 12 team 1/2 ppr redraft (Full) ($25)


Hello Footclan,
Starting a new 12 team redraft league here with these settings:

Draft day/time: Sept 4 8:00pm PDT

League Host App: Yahoo

Waivers: FAAB ($100)

6 Bench
1 IR
(no kicker)

Entry Fee $25 (LeagueSafe)
If your entry fee is not received 48 hours prior to draft you will be kicked from league. I’ve had to deal with late/non payments in the past and don’t want the hassle. I’m sure their will be plenty of Footclanners willing to step in on short notice.

Prize Breakdown:
1st: $200
2nd: $75
3rd: $25

6 teams make it to playoffs, top 2 get a bye, bracket reseeding enabled

1/2 point ppr scoring
Other than that will be yahoo standard

If you are serious about fantasy football (which I know you all are since you are on this forum) and want to have some fun post your email here or hit me up @ nateihle@gmail.com


Draft date? It’s given as Aug 4. And is it at 8 PDT?


Yes I meant PDT, I’ll update the post. Thanks :slight_smile:


Still confused. Aug 4 is long passed. :slight_smile:


interested. Email me at jacoblee1005@yahoo.com


I’m interested at wsmallwood1300@gmail.com


Haha, man I really did a number on the draft date/time/timezone

I meant Sept


sounds like a great league. Email me at @tricky_nicky_hickman@yahoo.com


I’m interested: sirdavedd@yahoo.com


I’m interested. Email is raylavko@yahoo.com. Thanks.


If there’s any space left I’m interested! jester2069@gmail.com