New 12 Team .5 PPR $50 Buy In 2 Keeper Yahoo League

Hey Everyone!

I’m looking to start a new 12 team league and am looking for active team managers who love fantasy football, are good written communicators, and have great senses of humor. Draft will be Live on Yahoo on Tuesday September 4th at 6pm EDT. It’s a $50 buy in, winner take all league. We will use a FAAB waiver system. Playoffs are Week 15 and 16. Here are the roster positions:

Flex (RB/WR/TE)


It’s a 2 keeper league. at the beginning of next season, you can choose two players from last season’s roster to keep for the new season. You may not keep anyone you drafted in the 1st or 2nd round or anyone you traded for who was drafted in the 1st or 2nd round. You keep the player for 1 pick higher than you drafted them the previous year. For example, If you drafted Alvin Kamara in the 9th round last year, you could keep him for an 8th round pick this year. You can keep a waiver wire pickup for a 7th pick or two waiver pickups for a 6th and 7th. Let me know if you have questions or if you’re interested!



Looking for 8 more players.

My brother and I might be interested in joining, could you send the invite link to

Awesome! I just emailed you the link. If you guys join, we need to fill 6 more spots.

I’m definitely interested. Let me know the details, my email is

Hey there, I will send you a league invite. I think just about all of the info is above, let me know if you have any questions.

Hey Everyone, still looking to fill several spots in this league. Email or reply here if you’re interested or if you have questions. Thank you!

I would like to play!

I’d be interested in joining!

I would be interested

If your still looking,
I’m free to draft that day.

Hey Everyone, I’ve sent out email invites to you all. I’m waiting on several people to accept but I think there are still at least 3-4 spots available.

@Srcollins365 - I joined the league but am unable to pay through Yahoo because I live in Idaho. Are we able to do the buy in through League Safe or an alternative platform?

Hey Ryan,

Yeah, not a problem. I just made a League Safe account and will post the link on the league’s message boards.

Hey Everyone!

We’re just about at capacity here. I believe we have room for one more manager.

im in

JUst sent an invite!

I’d be down.

If you’re still looking for someone Id love to join!

League fell apart. Looking for one quick. Money in hand.