New 12 Team, Deep Dynasty Start-up $125 per year, details below:

Deep Superflex dynasty league Name: “Quarantine Quaalude”
Overview of the league: Host Sleeper

• League Annual Fee: $125. Must pay for two years up front ($250 total)
• LeagueSafe with majority approval
• 12 teams playing a 13-week regular season with 3 weeks of playoffs
• 25 roster spots with four taxi spots and four injured reserve spots
• Start-up Draft Vets Only
• Rosters will be increased to 30 for Supplemental draft 2020 Rookie Draft
• 12 starters – 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 2 TE, 3 Flex, 1 Superflex
• .5 PPR scoring system with 5 point QB scoring
• 2 Point Bonus for rushing/receiving or combo of over 100: 2 points, over 200: 4 more = 6 points single TD
• Regular season games include both “Head-to-Head” and “vs. League Median” matchups
• Startup Draft is a slow draft (8 hour timer), will start when league is filled; draft order determined by derby style lottery
• 2020 Rookie Draft picks reverse of start-up draft order
• Startup Picks and Rookie Picks can be traded
• Rookie Draft is a slow draft (8 hour timer), date TBD
• Week 10 Trade Deadline
• Winners - Total Pot: 1,500…1st: 750, 2nd: 400, 3rd: 250…Total Points Champ (regular season): 100
• 6 team playoffs during weeks 14-16, playoff seeds determined by overall record
• Week 14: Top 2 seeds by overall record get a bye, bottom 4 seeds compete in Head-to-Head round and winners advance to week 15. Re-seeding after this round…Top Division player will play worst remaining team, 4th, 5th or 6th Seed, will never face 3rd seed in week 15
• Week 15: Final 4 compete in Head-to-Head round. Winners advance to Championship Game, losers play for third place.
• Week 16: Championship and third place games
• Losers - Toilet Bowl (Battle to avoid last place; does not determine draft order.)
• Draft order determined by potential points for picks 1-6, picks 7-12 determined by playoff finish.
• Potential Points - Eliminates bad coaching decisions and benching of players…
• Season FAAB budget of $200 is given on league start.
• Offseason FAAB budget of $100 is given following Super Bowl Sunday.
• Rosters expand to 35 roster spots in the off-season
• League hosted on Sleeper

Once 12 league members are determined, if league settings would like to be adjusted we an vote on any such settings.

Please message me if interested or if you have any questions…I am looking for dedicated owners and this should not be your first Dynasty League…

FAQ: Supplemental Draft Picks can’t be set-up prior to start-up draft, therefore…2021 Picks will be treated as if they are 2020 Picks…2022 Picks will be treated as if they are 2021 Picks and no future years other than 2021 may be traded…Once Start-up Draft is completed, Supplemental draft will be created and picks will be realigned according to any trades made during start-up draft…

If a team is involved in a trade covering picks past the next year…both teams must pay in future dues for the year the picks are traded…Any owner wishing to leave the league, may do so by selling there ownership to a new owner (As commish, I will certainly assist in attempting to find a new owner).

Dues are paid in prior to any rookie draft for the following year…prior to 2021 Rookie…dues for 2022 will be due (unless a trade has created the need for two owners to pay in earlier).