New 12 team ppr Dynasty startup

Hey guys i see a lot of people looking for a dynasty start up.
Rules and scoring can be negotiated.
Offline draft starting once league is filled.
Looking for serious owners.
Put your email below for an invite, first come first serve.
Lets do it!


Yo Dwyer,

I see you sent me an invite for this dynasty start-up. I’m a serious owner but low on funds I can contribute to fantasy this year. What are you thinking for buy-in?

was trying to gauge what people think. I could care less about buy in but i get the argument that it makes people more inclined to keep up with it. I’m ok with a free league and i’m ok with a low buy in. We can decide that once the league fills up…

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I vote for free or low buy-in, $20 or less.


I vote for $20 buy-in ($10 for this year & $10 for next season so that people are less inclined to leave after year 1). Also I see that theres only 20 roster spots on our teams. Any chance we could bump that up to around 30? Dynasty’s all about building deep teams filled with both serviceable players along with prospects who develop in time

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sure…i updated the rosters…


I think we should drop the roster size to 20 or 22 when the season starts so we’ll still have an active waiver wire

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I might know some fellow footclan members that would like to join if you need more

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@Cdog absolutely, 6 spots left

I’m interested, if spots are still available

I’m interested

Id like to join if there is still room.
Im good with $20 buyin

i’m down

I’m a serious fantasy player. Good with buy in up to 100. If there are still spots open, I would like to be a part of your league.

I am interested if there are any open spots left! I would prefer a cheaper league! if spots still open

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I’m looking to join this league, drink all of your beer and steal all your women! Not worried about price. Please email me Seriously, looking to compete…