New All Canadian Dynasty League

Hey friends,

I know I can’t be the only #Footclan member from up north, and was looking to start up an all Canadian members Dynasty League this off season. If you have any interest just toss a message below so we can complain about TSNs terrible coverage of the NFL.

(PPR, no kickers, probably on Sleeper. Buy in would be discussed but probably enough to cover a Footclan T for the champ!)


I miss this by about 3 1/2 - 4 hours :frowning: lol

Upstate NY foothill of the Adirondacks haha

Best of luck filling up!

Interested! In NFLD.

Email me at
Also have a buddy who would be interested as well.

Awesome will do!

If you want I can do some digging for some other guys as well.

If you want to for sure! I posted it on the other message board on here too. Ideally looking for guys who listen to the podcast from up north haha!

From southern Ontario friend. Just wondering pal if you got room. Thanks guy.

If you guys decide on an “American Expansion” like how baseball has Toronto, I’m in Upstate NY a couple hours from the border :joy:

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From Edmonton Alberta. Very interested in doing an all Canadian league please and thank you.
Joined my first dynasty league last year on here. Got second place, definitely would love to do another one.