New and need help!

10 team standard
I have Mark Ingram and Marlon Mack.
I could trade for Jonathan Taylor in exchange for Mark Ingram or I could get Jk Dobbins for Marlon Mack…
Just not sure what to do or if I should do anything at all. Please help footclan!

Is this redraft or keeper/dynasty? I’d trade Mack for Dobbins in a heart beat to lock up the ravens backfield. Taylor going be good but prob going see reduced role start the year so unless it’s dynasty I’d lean to JK

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It is redraft, and that’s what I was thinking too cause Taylor and Mack seem better in real life than actually fantasy football. And Ingram I feel like always misses games

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I’d lean neither in redraft. You ideally want Ingram and Taylor but this doesn’t seem to be on the cards. I think at least early in the season mack and Ingram are the ones who gain value as I have a hunch the rookies won’t be rushed.