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New Clan member looking for a keeper league


Hi all,

I am new to the Foot Clan but have been playing FFB for 3 years on ESPN.

I am from Australia and am looking for a F2P League that is constantly active and entertaining!

Happy to play in PPR or standard format 10-12 man preferred but open to ideas :slight_smile:

Thanks all, hit me up below if you have a spot somewhere :slight_smile:


I’m looking for members trying for 12 but may just be 10. Ppr league no buy in. Fun competition


What site are you using?

I’m keen, I have wanted to play a keeper league for a couple of years but just haven’t found consistent players to do so with


And most of the guys in the league I’ve played with for a few years now. Just a new League because our other league half the people didn’t pay attention or trade or really do anything after the first few weeks.


Hey I’m looking for a couple more players in a 10 team PPR league! All clan members so it will be a pretty active league - its on ESPN. If you would want to join let me know!


That sounds cool,

I would be able to have at least 1 other player if you need more, potentially 2. Any other spots need filling?


thanks tyler, i have responded to jordan first so if that falls through i will reply back to you again :slight_smile:


I haven’t heard back from the previous guy, do you still have spaces in your league?


Sorry, we just filled out the league. GL


I have a 2 Keeper league that needs 2 more people it’s a 12 team league and you would be inheriting a vacant team


I have sent you a private message