New Clan Member

I found fantasy footballers last year through the podcasts. The podcasts were funny and provided a perspective I had not hear before. I sometimes listen to the same podcasts over an over again. This year, I bought the ultimate draft guide and I became a Clan member. I am very happy with the information.

I have always used one paid website for years. This website gives me a very unique perspective; I have won a lot of championships using this website and sometimes they miss the mark completely. The other website, I use is a free website that give me consensus information from a lot of experts. Fantasy Footballers has given me another perspective that I think is unique from the other two websites. Keep up the good work!


Welcome aboard, Lonnie! I’ve bee a #FootClan member for two years now, and I can honestly say they are THE best! Like you, I use other sites and listen to different podcasts in order to gain a number of perspectives; however, I feel the UDK and the FFBallers provide the most balanced information and do so through the most entertaining manner. Enjoy the ride, my friend!

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